Bonnet Vs Blow Hair Dryer – Which Is Higher?

Earlier than we reply that query, allow us to see what the distinction is between the bonnet hair dryer and the blow dryer. Principally talking there may be not a lot of a distinction of their working in any respect. Each of them work by pumping in sizzling air on to your hair in order that the evaporation course of is sped up AC Motor with Diffuser, 2 Concentrator Nozzlesd (Matte Dark Green) B08B4T1CBH.

It has lengthy been identified that should you “set” your hair when it’s damp after which dry it out, your hair will stay that means far longer than even should you use excessive tech lotions to carry your hair in place. Plus you get the wavy comfortable look that lotions can not provide you with.

It is for that reason that the hand-held hair dryers had been invented, so to organize your hair any means you wish to with out having to go to a hairdressers to do it. Most individuals use the blow dryer just because it’s sooner, and the bonnet hair dryer is usually not most popular as a result of it takes longer.

In precise reality the blow dryer is healthier solely if you wish to dry out your hair shortly. If you wish to brush and set your hair in place, it’s really harder with a blow dryer. You’ll have to brush with one hand whereas blow drying your hair with the opposite, and most of us discover this very troublesome. Which means we take longer resulting in warmth harm to our hair. Then we now have to go and spend some huge cash find one thing that can take away this harm, and the entire thing is only one large circle.

A bonnet hair dryer however may be very easy. It has a unit that you just mount on the wall and a cap that you just put over your head. Whenever you swap it on, sizzling air is blown into the cap heating your hair evenly. This offers you the choice of you brushing your hair in place, placing in your cap and placing in your make-up whereas your hair dries.

As a result of the bonnet hair dryer heats your hair evenly, you possibly can put it at a a lot decrease temperature setting and dry your hair for longer. It will be certain that your hair doesn’t get heated to such an extent that it will get broken.

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