A Deadly Plot – The Witcher 3 Guide

A Deadly Plot – The Witcher 3 Guide

This quest is available once you complete main quest: Get Junior, and secondary quest: Now or

Witcher 3 – A Deadly Plot Quest

Walkthrough for the “a deadly plot” quest in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where you have to help Roche and Dijkstra get information from the Redanian spy to help in the assassination of king Radovid.

The Witcher 3 Sidequest – A Deadly Plot

A Deadly Plot
Recommended Level: 14
Location/ Obtained From: Djikstra at the Novigrad docks after completing the sidequest – Now or Never

Note: As of the 1.05 patch, this quest is bugged. After starting the quest, you will need to Meet Dijkstra at the Passiflora. When you talk to Marquise Serenity, she will not move and lock you out of the quest. Instead you will need to meditate until midday, and go to the girl’s makeup room (the room on the ground floor with a mirror and large bath in the back corner). When you walk to the rear corner the scene will trigger of you talking to Marquise Serenity and you will teleport back to her location, starting the quest properly.

Objective: Meet Dijkstra at the Passiflora

If you are having trouble starting this quest, read the note above for details on how to fix it. Enter the Passiflora and talk to Marquise Serenity. She will lead you to the hidden upper area of the Passiflora where Dijkstra is waiting for you, along with Roche.

Objective: Talk to the Redanian liason

After your little chat with the masters of intrigue, leave the Passiflora and fast-travel to the Border Post sign. A little way to the North, you’ll find your contact.

Objective: Find the shoemaker’s wagon

After the scene plays out, follow the road South-East until you reach the abandoned wagon.

Objective: Look around for tracks using your witcher senses

After giving the wagon the once-over, look around on the ground nearby to spot some discarded shoes. This ‘trail of soles’ leads away into the forest. Almost like breadcrumbs. Follow it a short way into the woods to find a troll with a pile of shoes. Have a little talk with him to find out that the cobbler is in a nearby cave.

Objective: Find the troll’s cave

In the search area, look to the right of the wooden scaffolding on the cliff face in the center of the circle to find the cave entrance.

Objective: Find the shoemaker in the troll’s cave

Wind your way inside the cave to find the cobbler at the far end. And some trolls. A dialogue scene will play out here. To convince the trolls to release the cobbler without a fight, pick the following dialogue options:

I need this man. He’s coming with me + Need him for a minute, no more. He’ll be back

Or of course you can threaten the trolls and deal with the situation that way.

Objective: Escort Thaler

After that’s over, walk Thaler out of the cave and back down to the cart. After your chat ends, so does the quest.

Note: You will get the sidequest – Gwent: Playing Thaler after you finish talking

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough Ep. 38 – A Deadly Plot

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough Ep. 38 – A Deadly Plot

Hey there,

Welcome back to the walkthrough where today we will be completing the side mission; A Deadly Plot by helping out Dijkstra in a plot to assassinate King Radovid

[A Deadly Plot] ► Let’s Play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Part 71

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