Dream Weavers – Spyro the Dragon Guide

Dream Weavers – Spyro the Dragon Guide

The penultimate series of levels, the Dream Weavers can get quite challenging. To get here, you must rescue 50 Dragons and then talk to Cray the Ballonist in

Spyro the Dragon (PS1) walkthrough – Dream Weavers

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World 4 from Spyro the Dragon.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy Walkthrough – Dream Weavers Secret Room Skill Point

Find out how to enter the secret Skill Point room in Dream Weavers for Spyro the Dragon in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy!

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DM’s Guide: Spyro the Dragon – Dream Weavers (HD)

The Dream Weaver dragons have one of the most enviable jobs in the world; they travel through the dreams of the mortal inhabitants of the Dragon Realms, making sure no-one’s nightmare gets too scary. Unlike other Kingdoms, these portals literally send you into those dreams.
As you’d expect from the realm of dreams, there’s a great deal of magic flying around here. Gnorcs change size as if they’ve been struck by lightening, there are jesters that turn into egg timers…

Spyro the Dragon -25- Dream Weavers Home

Basically the last home level, because the final one is a tiny circle that I can’t actually completely complete right away. So this is the last big home level as we’ve learned to know home levels to be like in this game so far.