Magic: The Gathering Fortnite Crossover Secret Lair Cards Revealed

Magic: The Gathering Fortnite Crossover Secret Lair Cards Revealed

youtube received an unexpected supply drop today from Wizards of the Coast.

Is Secret Lair x Fortnite Worth Buying? [MTG Finance Magic: the Gathering Review]

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In this Magic the Gathering video of Jake and Joel are Magic, Fortnite is crossing over with Magic the Gathering! Fortnite is loved by some and reviled by others, but is the Lair itself worth your money? Let’s look through it! Are you ready to play Squid Game io?


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Yes, The Fortnite Secret Lair is Real. Yes, It’s Awful.

Oh no. They actually did it.

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WHAT?!? | The Fortnite Secret Lair? | Magic the Gathering

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The MTG Fortnite Secret Lair Has Been Revealed…

The MTG Fortnite Secret Lair Has Been Revealed…

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