N64 Cheats – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide

N64 Cheats – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide

Find a wooden syoutube. Now hold up your shield and as you continue to do so, press the attack button to swing your sword. Immediately follow that up by pressing

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% Walkthrough (Full Game)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from the begin until the end 100% complete with all Heart Pieces, all Skulltulas and every item.

Timestamps for all the Temples and other dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Young Link
00:00:00 – Hey! Look! Listen!
00:10:32 – Inside the Deku Tree
02:04:21 – Dodongo’s Cavern
03:19:20 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Adult Link
04:41:53 – Forest Temple
05:29:21 – Fire Temple
06:28:06 – Ice Cavern
06:45:20 – Water Temple

Young Link
07:50:07 – Bottom of the Well

Adult Link
08:10:44 – Shadow Temple

Young Link
09:24:26 – Spirit Temple (Young Link)

Adult Link
09:44:36 – Spirit Temple (Adult Link)
10:53:52 – Gerudo Training Ground
11:14:29 – Ganon’s Castle

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Played by Maurits.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Walkthrough 02 (2/3) “Hyrule Castle”

~ Chapter 2: Princess of Destiny
~ Part 2 of 3: Hyrule Castle

0:02 Gold Skulltula #4
0:52 To The Castle
2:03 Gold Skulltula #5
2:14 Weird Egg
3:28 Outside Hyrule Castle
4:56 Waking Talon
5:35 Moving Crates
6:51 Castle Courtyard

Corresponding Ocarina of Time Site Walkthrough Chapter:


TRUE 100% Checklist by doing EVERYTHING in Zelda Ocarina of Time | OoT

What are all the possible things you can do in Zelda Ocarina of Time? This is my checklist of everything you can possibly do that I consider a TRUE 100% game.
Have you done all of them? Did I miss anything on my list? Let me know! =)

All 100 Skulltula Tokens
All 36 Heart Pieces
All Heart Containers
All Items
Highest Upgrades
All Items maximum
All 10 Magic Beans
Mask of Truth
Biggoron Sword
Scarecrow song
2000 Horseback Archery
Largest Fish
Hylian Loach
Fisherman’s Hat
ALL Treasure Chest
Enter Every Room
All 33 Hidden Grottos
Destroy Boulders
Destroy Bombable Walls
All Dungeon Torches
999 Deaths

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15 FUN And SILLY Cheat Codes For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

You guys enjoyed my Fun And Silly Cheat Codes for Mario Games I’ve covered, now it’s time to cover 16 Fun And Silly Cheat Codes For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. I always try to find the most unique cheat codes for these videos. I’ll be using Game Shark Codes for this video, they aren’t hacks (though, the codes might have been found through hacking)! A few cheats You thought Link had a tough time before in his adventures. it just got worse after adding in cheat codes.

I hope you enjoy this cheat code vodeo and let me know which ones are your favorite in the comments below as well as a game you want to see in the future!

Zelda 1.0
clone dark links (hold B) –
81244096 0020
8138E03A 0033

kokiris are iron knuckles –
81244096 0106
81244124 0113
81244132 FF02
81244224 0113
81244232 FF02
81244424 0113
81244432 FF02
81244324 0113
81244332 FF02
81244524 0113
81244532 FF02
81244624 0113
81244632 FF03
81244724 0113
81244732 FF02
81244134 0113
81244142 FF02
81244154 0113
81244162 FF02
81244144 0113
81244152 FF02
81244164 0113

redead kakariko village-
8123A92A 006B
8123A92C 0098
8123A932 0098
8123A934 0098
8123A9B4 0090
8123A9C2 0001
8123AB34 0090
8123AB42 0001
8123AC04 0090
8123AC12 0001
8123AC34 0090
8123AC42 0001
8123ACA4 00EF
8123ACB2 0400
8011B9DF 002C

spawn mido
8138E03A 016D

spin for flames
8138E03A 0049

epona in kokiri forest (ride as young link)-
81244096 001A
81244124 0014
81244132 0000

Giant Link
811DAA80 3DDD
811DAA84 3DDD
811DAA88 3DDD

Hold A to Run Fast…very fast
D01C84B4 0080
801DB258 0042

Climb Any Wall
D1396618 1520
813956A8 2400
D1396618 1520
813956B8 1000
D1396618 1520
813956FC 2400
D1396618 1520
813958C0 2400
D1396618 1520
8139594C 2400
D1396618 1520
8039595B 0004
D1396618 1520
8139595C 1419
D1396618 1520
81396618 1000

Clone Link:
8138E03A 0000

Ocarina Sound Modifier
8010220C 00??

01 Normal
02 Malon’s Voice
03 Alt. Ocarina
04 Harp
05 Music Box
06 Alt. Ocarina
07 Normal

Infinite Number of Bombs Out
D11CA0EA 0001
811CA0EA 0000
811CA0EA 0000
D11CA0E8 0001
811CA0E8 0000
811CA0E8 0000

80025622 0001

Zelda Codes 1.2

81244716 0009
50000710 0000
812447A4 013B

Unfreeze Zora Domain
801CA8FF 0000

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