Willfred the Werewolf Chief Location and Guide – V Rising Guide

Willfred the Werewolf Chief Location and Guide – V Rising Guide

In V Rising, V Blood Bosses are powerful enemies who reward you with unique items and abilities such as Vampiric Powers, structure blueprints, and crafting

V Rising Boss Guide: Dunley Farmlands | Including Octavian, Jade and Willfred

Need another guide for the bosses in V Rising? This is the second episode in a series that will cover all the bosses (known as V Blood Carriers) in this game.

In this second episode, we’ll cover the next 10 bosses that can be found in the Dunley Farmlands, including the strongest bosses like Octavian the Militia Captain, Jade the Vampire Hunter, and Willfred the Werewolf Chief.

Upgrading to Iron weapons and crafting the Hollowfang set should be your first priority when you come to this zone. Once you obtain their upgraded versions, you should craft those as soon as possible.

Is there a specific boss you’re looking for? Click the timestamps below to jump to that encounter.

0:00 Intro
0:51 Beatrice The Tailor
2:39 Vincent the Frostbringer
6:01 Christina the Sun Priestess
9:12 Undead Commander
10:29 Leandra the Shadow Priestess
13:29 Terah the Geomancer
16:29 Meridith the Bright Archer
20:08 Octavian the Militia Captain
25:17 Raziel the Shepherd
29:48 Jade the Vampire Hunter
33:19 Willfred the Werewolf Chief
38:25 Summary

How To Solo Willfred the Werewolf Chief In V Rising (4k 60FPS)

V Rising Willfred the Werewolf Chief Guide Solo 4k 60FPS. Everything you will need know for the fight. Please leave feedback on any tips you found helpful for this boss.Thanks for watching cheers!

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Willfred the Werewolf Chief [Boss] Location & Fight guide for V Rising

This is a Location & Fight guide for Willfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising

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Intro: (0:00)
Boss: (0:08)
Location: (0:14)
Fight: (0:22)
Heart Strike: (3:06)
Holy Resistance Flask: (3:28)
Outro: (3:34)

Willfred The Werewolf Chief Location V Rising

Where to find Willfred The Werewolf Chief V Rising. V Rising Willfred The Werewolf Chief location. You can see how defeat Willfred The Werewolf Chief in V Rising following this video.



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